MVP Marketing
"We make you look good!"
MVP Marketing is a consulting firm focused on helping other businesses and organizations to better market their products or services to their customers or to the community.  Serving the communities of Pulaski County, Missouri, we do this by helping you to do all the things that need to be done that may be outside your area of expertise, or those things that you simply do not have the time and resources to deal with internally.  Our job is to provide for you the necessary time and expertise.

Another service that we provide is assistance with special event planning.  Putting together an effective groundbreaking, ribbon cutting, open house, anniversary, or other event can be very time consuming.  We not only help to develop invitations, press releases, agenda and VIP guest lists, but we can contact various media sources to get you maximum coverage.  We take pride in insuring the fine details are not missed and everyone involved in the project is included and recognized.
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(573) 774-2002
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104 Jared Street
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